About this site

You must have come to this page expecting to read some formal health stuff about what this site at MedikalNotes.com  is all about. Sorry to disappoint. I'll make it simple and straight to the point. Medical Notes is exactly what its name says - notes on medical and health topics written in simple everyday English for everyone - the lay man on the street and the health worker - to read and either understand (for the lay man) or refresh knowledge in simple street English for the health worker. Everyone is carried along.

It is important to point out that we NEITHER diagnose illnesses NOR medical conditions, NOR do we assume this site to be a medical consultation portal. MedikalNotes.com is primarily an educational resource site on health and medicine for everyone. We continuously strive to ensure that the information we present is both credible and reliable, however, all consultations must be with your own registered health practitioner.

Now, what is special about MedikalNotes when there are other health sites, you ask? The truth is you should never tire of knowledge presented in several different ways. Presenting the same information from different perspectives can only result in one thing - good understanding. This is the aim, but this was not exactly what I had in mind when I started. I'll take us down memory lane a bit.

This blog was initially conceived following the radical overhaul and change in pattern of medical exams of the West African College of Physicians (WACP) for residents, and thereafter, of several colleges of medicine in different universities in Nigeria and West Africa. These bodies preferred to follow the Royal College of Physician's (RCP) 'Best of five' and PACES patterns of exam (in some cases some followed the OSCE pattern), as against the traditional 'True/False' and short case/long case patterns.

When this site was published (then as The Internist), the initial aim was content primarily for resident doctors in Internal medicine and medical students interested in Internal medicine. At the time, only technical content in the form of medical exam questions and answers were published. With time, however, it became obvious that the destiny of The Internist was sure to change as we noticed from website stats that majority of visitors were non-medical people simply looking for information. And since the information available then was too technical, besides being in question and answer format, they would leave after few seconds. Only a fraction would stay up to a minute.

Thus, the evolutionary process began. How would we make the site acceptable to the mostly non-medical people that usually visited. The solution was to change to a more public information-focused site that would both inform the public and teach the students while also having enough information for the health worker. Thus, the concept of content in the form of notes was born. To reflect this, a change of name from The Internist to Medical Notes became necessary. Thus, MedikalNotes.com would have a wider coverage, targeting both non-medical persons looking for health information, as well as medical students and doctors.

As already explained, the reason and purpose for maintaining this blog has since changed over time. We now dedicate time to helpful content targeted, not only to medical students and residents, but also to practicing doctors and non-medical persons looking for knowledge in simple English. Thus, we have introduced new categories like Medical Conditions, Medical Syndromes, Health and Wellness, Medical News and others, alongside the previous categories like My Diary and others which we have now grouped together under Doctors Zone. Although so-named, many health workers including doctors, may discover that there are several contect of interest to them in the other categories.

My name is Ikenna Adimekwe. I am a medical doctor and currently a member of the Faculty of Internal Medicine of the West African College of Physicians (WACP). Currently, I practice medicine in one of the University Teaching Hospital in South South Nigeria, West Africa. I so much love blogging and took my love for medicine to the internet as MedikalNotes.com. I am also the one behind Study & Scholarships, SaibaWorld, and Back to sonship.

Once again, I would say that this portal is NOT for treating patients. This site is strictly educational. I strongly uphold the doctor-patient relationship, and thus will not provide medical advice, diagnosis or treatment through this site. Information on this site should NOT be used as a substitute for the advice of your physician or other health care provider who is appropriately qualified and licensed by a competent regulatory authority - please see additional information.

MedikalNotes.com is dedicated to lovers of health and medicine across the world, whether students, doctors, patients or friendly passersby who happen to be in the neighborhood. Do you have an article, Question/Answer series, or any other content you would wish to publish? Send them to us via our contact page, and we would gladly publish them for you.

Published cases on this site may, but do not invariably nor necessarily, follow real cases. Health professionals are invited to submit cases of educational value without violating the security and privacy of personal health data / identifiers. You can submit such content through our contact page. Please see our disclaimer.

Originally written January 2012, Completely rewritten September 2016