July 27, 2012

Hormones produced by the Ovary and Testis

The Ovaries are extremely essential components of the female reproductive organ. They are the two female reproductive organs that produce eggs and, in vertebrates, also produce the sex hormones.

A mnemonic for recalling these hormones is - Ovaries are RIPE with hormones:
  • Relaxin,
  • Inhibin,
  • Progesterone, and
  • Estrogen.

The Testes (singular: testis) are extremely essential components of the male reproductive gland. They are the paired male reproductive glands, roundish in shape, that produce sperm and male sex hormones, and hang in a small sac scrotum.

The testis secretes hormones which can be remembered by the mnemonic - Testis makes Mr. TIM strong:
  • Testosterone,
  • Inhibin, and
  • Mullerian-inhibiting hormones.

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