July 01, 2010

MRCP 2 Question 6

An 8 year old boy is newly diagnosed with asthma and is initially treated with nedocromil sodium.

Eight weeks after starting treatment he is seen at the outpatient clinic.

His mother complains that her son has remained symptomatic with persistent breathing difficulties and wheezing with physical activity and occasionally complains of tightness in the chest. He has lost four days of school in this period for this reason.

Appropriate treatment at this stage should include

a) No medical treatment required
b) Nebulised ipratropium bromide
c) Single dose 1 ml 0.5% salbutamol
d) inhaled low dose corticosteroids
e) refer to an ENT specialist

The correct answer is D


For children with symptomatic disease and an impaired quality of life, inhaled corticosteroids are -- and should remain -- the mainstay of asthma control

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